To get donations displayed on your stream you need to do the following:


Set up your streaming system to receive Streamlabs alerts. Simply download Streamlabs OBS. It's very easy to set up! If you prefer other programs, here is a guide for OBS Studio and Xsplit can be found here: Adding widgets to OBS/Xsplit


Set up your tip page (it is made on first login). Link your Bitcoin Cash wallet to the system here by using an Extended Public Key (xpub). This does not let anyone have access to your wallet, it only lets us get unused addresses from your wallet. It is read only. View the image below on how to get your xpub in Electron Cash.
Wallets with Extended Public Keys (xpubs) available:
Electron Cash
Crescent Cash


Now you're ready to go! Simply share your page ({username} ) and let people donate!